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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Balderdash Blog

After doing the Scattergories Meme today, I was inspired to do a post on Balderdash. It's the game (for you non-wordy type people) where you hear a word read aloud from a card, then everyone makes up a definition they think fits the word. The object of the game is to fool everyone into thinking yours is the right definition. They can be silly, or serious, or just plain old weird. I like plain old weird.

So, having 'splained everything, let's play with this word: tragematopolist (trah-jem-uh-top-o-list)

My definition: A person who loves gems, but has none; hence the tragedy of it.

Okee-doke. Now, leave a comment with your definition of this word, and let's get playing!!!


  • NanaMary

    It is obviouse really. This is a citizen of the tiny village of Tragematopol, in northern Russia.

  • Aunt Sonja

    No, my dears--you are both wrong. It is the term given to English professors who are obsessed with Shakespeare's tragedies and therefore never assign their students anything fun.

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