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Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Home School Stuff

Welcome to the 'Home School Stuff' section of the blog. There are helpful ideas here that we use for our school- like organization and activities, things we've done- like art projects and things, and links to other helpful places.

I will be adding to this as we go through the year, so you can see pictures and examples of the crafts and food ideas listed below. I am a photo-crazy mom, so there are always lots of pics too!

I think it's important for home school moms to help each other out. Goodness knows we can't all think of everything! Sometimes we need other resources, so here are mine.

Have fun browsing!

Fun With Food- A list of fun ideas to get your kids in the kitchen. If you use one a week, it should last almost a whole school year!

Craft and Project Ideas- A list of craft and projects to do with your kids to stave off boredom, or fill those long, rainy (or winter) afternoons.

Cooking Class- A field trip we went on to a cooking class that can easily be adapted to be done at home.

School Organization- How we set up our school and organized our supplies this year.

First Day of School '09-'10- Our first day of school for the year '09-'10, including school pictures, a project, and shopping!

Our First Year Using BJU- My first take on BJU and their materials. They have since changed they way they package their DVDs, and I am VERY happy with it now. (Just thought I'd throw that in there, so you didn't think I am a complainer or anything...)

Free Math Games Online- A place with lots of math games to challenge your student(s).

Thousands of Free Worksheets for Various Subjects

Make and Share Children's Books Online!

Homeschooling for Beginners- A great article written for the beginner. *The author is not a religious homeschooler, just for your info*


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